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Neoglass Sediul Central

Neoglass Sediul Central


Head Office

SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL is a Romanian company with private capital originating in the city of Brasov. Our activity is represented by the import, the distribution and the replacement and repair on any type of auto glass: windshield, side windows, rear window.

Our company’s history starts in the year of 1992, in Brasov, under the name of SC ZSOLT SRL. At that time, thanks to opening the borders to the west, the Romanian market was invaded by different types and brands of cars and automobiles. It was an opportunity to make a business, which supplies with auto parts for this growing number of cars, especially foreign cars. SC ZSOLT SRL was one of the pioneers in this type of business in Romania, being a well known and respected brand by our external partners (big companies in the auto glass industry). Our good reputation was appreciated by the beneficiaries of our services as well: insurance companies, transporters, marketers and different businesses, auto dealerships, services, institution, auto parts shops etc.

20 years in the business, having already a tradition and constant activity in this field of auto glass, our company is evolving all the time. Thanks to extending our distribution network and the growth of market share and activity, in 2009 SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL, was founded, in fact the sales division of SC ZSOLT SRL. The mission of this newly established company is to harness the competitive advantage created, with the help of the high quality services and products we provide. The brand “ NEOGLASS” is regarded as a trustful, fast and efficient company, and our mission is to keep brand awareness well implemented.


Neoglass Services

neoglass parbrize neoglass parbrize
neoglass parbrize neoglass parbrize

SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL pays special attention in the relationship with its customers. We are professionally prepared and trained in every characteristic aspects of these relations: procedural, insurance claim and payment with insurance companies, strict rules about prices, products and service quality, our capacity to deal with any request in time, internal procedures a.s.o. Expertise, correctness, professionalism, reliability - Neoglass is respecting all these essential steps in our relationship with the customer on a long term. You can find us at any of our working points, at our head office, or you can request for our mobile team anywhere in the country. You can contact us by phone to give you advice, to give solutions and consultancy in any technical matter. Our winning mentality, vitality and work ethics represents for us the engine of the company’s development.

neoglass parbrize windshields neoglass parbrize windshields
neoglass parbrize windshields neoglass parbrize windshields



Logistically, SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL has a supply of over 15000 windshields and auto glass, side windows and rear windows, for all types of vehicle: automobile, vans, trucks, buses, utility vehicles etc. Our head office and main warehouse is situated in Brasov. We have a supply of auto glass at our working points as well, open in Bucharest, Sibiu and Suceava. From these 4 directions we can send personalized packages, completely safe, any product at your request. We have strong partnerships with logistic companies, which can provide safe and fast deliveries all over the country.

Echipa Neoglass 2013
Echipa Neoglass 2013Echipa Neoglass 2013

Our mission:


An essential quality of our employee is the irreproachable, impeccable attitude towards our clients. Excellence and partnership represents our path which takes every company to be competitive and successful, reaching the satisfaction of every customer. Organizational culture and the internal procedures are constantly adapted to the feed-back we get from those for whom NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE was created: our customers. We wish to serve them exemplarily the interests and the needs from this domain, auto glass.


Our profession

long term partnerships

The whole team is continuously participating on the reception, processing and summarizing all the information which has to do with this market and its participants. The knowledge and the gathered information in the past 20 years are recorded and organized in our database. They are available to the whole team and are indispensable in the permanent process of innovation. To be innovative, you need to be focused and you have to have a winning mentality. We have the obligation to learn from every experience, to be more professional, competent and also we have the moral obligation to inspire trust: the true currency of the company, deposited in the affective account of every customer of ours.


Our values

professional competence, responsibility, commitment, honesty.

Our success on the market depends on our capacity to be different from our competition. The elements which helps us to be distinct are the proactive approach and the development of some, specific competencies. Conceiving partnership as a personalized expertise, we are able to perform classic activities such as delivering and installing/replacement in a way and in such parameters that satisfies every of our customers (aspect, packing, attitude, punctuality). Separated from the above mentioned, by a professional know-how, excellence is strongly correlated with talent. Every of our employees has a set of abilities and a unique talent in his field. In our organizational culture, talent is an important criteria when selecting an employee.

We are a team in which every one of us has a place, a role, a function and we are aware of the size, importance and value SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL has on auto glass market.