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With seriousness, adaptability to the demands of the market, flexibility towards our customers and last, but not least, with the size and diversity of our stock, SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL gained a well deserved place in the top of the Romanian auto glass suppliers market.

Importation started way back in 1992, mainly because of the internal needs of the company. This activity grew year by year, nowadays covering every car and automobile brand, trucks and buses.

After 2000, the import surpassed every other activity of our company, becoming the main activity domain. Our horizontal growth and the organizational culture urged from start a high quality standard of the products. Naturally, we have carefully selected from the multitude of auto glass makers those who have gained a leading position on this market, domain.


Today SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL, has a permanent supply of over 15000 windshields, auto glass, side window. Thanks to the development of the company, professional and correct management, we managed to launch, in advance (at the beginning of the year), all the external orders.

All the windshields and auto glass imported by us are tested and internationally certified, according to EEC R 43, FMVSS - 205 USA (DOT 246). Our external partners and collaborators are accredited with an industrial identification number by all the auto makers from the automotive industry, globally. All these information attest the origin and the quality of our products and are visible and have a series number, under the name and original logo found on every windshield/auto glass.


Our company is constantly evolving, developing, so our mission at NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE is to capitalize our competitiveness and the advantage we have in front of our competition with quality services and standards.

NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL have always had a special attention towards his customers. We are ready and fully prepared in every aspects of this relationship, in the commercial relations. You can find us at the head office or at any of our working points, on the national roads (Neoglass mobile teams) or contact us at our company’s phone numbers for assistance, solutions or any other technical consultance. Our winning mentality, vitality and work ethics represents for us the engine for our company’s development.

Distributie2Logisitcally, the NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE network has 5 automobiles, 6 delivery vans and a supply of over 15000 auto glass, windshields and side windows, for all kinds of automobiles, vehicles, vans, trucks buses, etc. Our head office and central store-house is in Brasov. We have storage at our working points in Bucharest, Sibiu and Suceava. From these four points we can send in any direction cargo, safely; any auto glass products. We have strong partnerships with several logistics and delivering companies. For emergency logistics companies are a good option, which can deliver in 24 hours in any other place in Romania.

For auto glass we don’t have in our supply, SC NEOGLASS AUTOMOTIVE SRL honors requests in a maximum time of two weeks.